Sometimes you have to change your route to arrive safely at the point of success

With flexibility, vision and the willingness to rethink things in a new way

The SIGNITION Holding specialists navigate you into sales-oriented communication

The SIGNITION Holding is committed to delivering efficient communication

Marketing, creative concepts and sales solutions are the basics for targeted communication tailored to the market. The traditional marketing activity division has lost relevance. Communication is just as heterogeneous and individual as the customers it wishes to reach.

The individual companies are client-focussed. What matters is the starting position established through a careful analysis of the situation – and the result that is to be achieved through communication.

Bearing in mind each individual’s needs and desires, our specialists develop the right communication strategies and touchpoints to allow them to interact with your brand and products. The measures implemented in the process can range from classic advertising to retail marketing, sales activation and sales support.

The SIGNITION Holding analyses the task, aim and approaches and decides which of the companies within the holding company should lead the project after the diagnosis has been completed. In the process, the consultants in the individual companies act both as well-networked specialists and as open-minded generalists with an explicit goal: your success.

Your target defines our analysis approach and the strategy – the deliverables define the processes and instruments

Whatever the external parameters, emotion, deal, facts and experience determine the professional communication. Oriented to these core subjects, each company within the SIGNITION Holding utilises a series of specific instruments for targeted market cultivation. Depending on the task, the expertise of the other companies may also be called upon.

You can find the profiles and service portfolios of the individual the SIGNITION Holding companies under the Network menu section.

The SIGNITION crew: specialists with a holistic view

The right consultants for your task:
From agencies, industry, business consultancies and trade – at the SIGNITION Holding and its companies, a total of over 70 specialists work towards just one aim: completing your task – efficiently and independently of disciplines.

The employees of the SIGNITION Holding units: