Initiate a new level of quality in sales performance

Welcome to the SIGNITION Holding

Even the name of the SIGNITION Holding combines significant factors when it comes to sales-oriented marketing: Sales mit Ignition at the POS. It brings together a range of specialists, who cover the entire spectrum of communicative and sales-oriented solutions in a targeted and efficient way, under one roof.

This means that we do not just offer a specific communications discipline, but the ‘helicopter view’, in order to then decide with you which solutions should be implemented from a communicative point of view. This is how effective, internationally sustainable results are achieved.

The network

Precise diagnostics are decisive in the SIGNITION Holding. Each important aspect of a task is carefully examined, already involving the four specialized agencies of the holding at this early stage of the process. Once the diagnosis is done, a decision on which of these companies will lead the project is taken.

The tools

Every task is different. That is why the SIGNITION Holding has developed a highly integrated toolbox of instruments that are systematically coordinated with each other: from an individualisation portal for sales-relevant advertising materials, event building blocks, tools to activate existing customers, CRM solutions, a brand consistency tool or an AMP system to a retailer support centre including assistants and coaches – tools available to be implemented whenever they are required.

The people

SIGNITION brings together a range of high-profile marketing, communications, sales and trade specialists within the four companies. The SIGNITION Holding brings together expertise from agencies, industry and consultants to generate the best synergy. All with just one aim: providing impetus and ideas to increase sales and complete your projects.

The booster for
your business

Rather than thinking in individual disciplines, the SIGNITION Holding and its companies focus on the customer needs and challenges. The relevant market is intensively analysed, selected target groups are connected to your brand, product or service. The customer relationship can be specified at any point during the implementation, from the first impression to consideration of a new purchase.

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