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SIGNITION take-off

Spring 2014. All systems ready! The new SIGNITION holding company makes use of the expertise of four specialised companies.

Start for F/ACTS:

F/ACTS: is focused on internationality and individual solutions for customer acquisition and retention.


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Take-off for SIGNITION

The marketing, communications and consulting sector in Germany has had a new relevant player since spring 2014: the SIGNITION Holding brings together four companies that cover the entire spectrum of communicative and sales-oriented solutions in a targeted way tailored to the needs of the market.

The growing success of the existing companies TRADE FORCE, UNIQUE1 and PLUS SALES was in place before the holding company was established. One new company, F/ACTS:, was launched in spring 2014.

The SIGNITION Holding makes use of the expertise of all five companies and ensures effective synergies to increase sales performance.

Customers include leading providers in the automotive, telecommunications, property, yacht building, trade and service sectors.